What You Need to Know About Using Solar Power for Apartment Buildings

What You Need to Know About Using Solar Power for Apartment Buildings


Apartment buildings are becoming increasingly common across India, and one of the key questions that people living in these buildings have is how they are going to sustainably power them for years cost-effectively. Solar panels for apartments have emerged as the obvious solution for all these challenges. To know why and how, read on.

How Solar Panels for Apartments in India Can be a Winning Strategy

Solar energy apartments can be quite practical in India as a result of the reliable sunlight that the country receives from at least 10 in the morning to 4 in the evening in most places. During this time, 5 Ampere and 15 Ampere circuits, including loads, such as lights, fans, servers, computers, etc. can run directly by means of solar power. The excess energy needed can be drawn from the grid. Using net metering technology, the power that the apartment does not need can be directed back to the grid.  

During the night, energy import can be employed to make all the appliances in the apartment run directly on the grid. Notably, a bi-directional meter makes a record of the net import and export. When the net import is more, consumers pay the electricity board as per the latest tariffs. Meanwhile, if net export is higher, the utility company gives credits to the consumers for the difference.

Impact of The Solar-Powered Apartment Complex

One of the main benefits is that all the loads end up being powered by solar energy. Moreover, net metering can enable your solar system to produce as much as you consume or even more, which can help you save up to 100% on utility bills.

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While individual apartment owners can set up portable solar panels for apartments for their own use, it makes more sense to have a common system up on the terrace for maximum cost saving.

Selecting the Best Inverters and Solar Panels for Buildings

If you are thinking “How can I make my apartment solar powered?”, then your priority should be to pick the right panels and inverters. You can select any one of the three available types of panels— polycrystalline, bi-facial, or mono-crystalline—as long as you take expert advice and buy from a company that has a service team available in your city and a strong balance sheet, which indicates that the company will be around for at least the next decade.

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Further, based on your requirements, terrace space available, budget, shadow on the terrace, etc., you can choose from string, micro, central, and optimizer-based inverters from a reputed manufacturer.

Maintaining Solar Panel Apartment Buildings

Installing a solar system in your apartment complex will end up becoming one of the best investments you have made. This is because grid-tied solar-powered apartments have no batteries, and consequently, don’t require expensive replacements and regular, tedious maintenance.

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To ensure the optimal performance of your on-grid system, you need to clean the panels periodically depending on how dirty they get over time. Also, ensure that you check the wiring, inverters, and other components by hiring the services of an expert occasionally.


Installing solar panels for apartment buildings is guaranteed to help your community save a lot of money in the long term when it comes to electricity bills, despite the initial challenges, such as government approvals. You will also be doing a huge service to the environment and ensuring that your residence is a role model for apartments across the country.

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