Your College Needs a Solar Charging Station - Here is Why

Your College Needs a Solar Charging Station – Here is Why


Colleges typically need a huge amount of electricity to operate efficiently. Largely, the requirement is due to air conditioners, PC Labs, and even heavy lab equipment. Running this equipment for nearly half the day throughout the year is not cheap. It is also not environment friendly. 

While it may be impractical at this point for the whole college to switch to clean energy, it is possible to make quite a big impact when it comes to cost savings and eco-friendliness with the help of solar power charging stations installed around the campus.

Here’s how. 

1. Extra Revenue for the College and more Convenience for the Faculty and Students

One of the best uses of solar-powered charging stations is that they can power electric vehicles. Everyone who goes to the college—including students, support staff, and faculty members—can have the benefit of getting their EVs charged to capacity while they are parked on the campus.

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Rather than having to spend money on expensive fuel, they can fill their vehicles with clean electricity for a nominal fee. As a bonus, they will no longer need to wait around at petrol bunks or drive in polluting vehicles that spoil the air on the campus and harm the biodiversity.

2. Ensuring a Green and Vibrant Campus

Because of the various types of solar-powered charging stations, students can have a campus that is well-connected and sustainable. For instance, there are solar-powered benches that use the sunlight to power up and serve as charging stations for college students who want to juice up their phone batteries. Interestingly, they also come with Wi-Fi and speakers. 

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Moreover, companies are making solar charging tables that students can sit around and work with their laptops charging on it. Another application of a solar charging station is that it can power LCDs that feature ads or announcements for students. 

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It is worth noting that once these solar charger systems are installed, they require minimal maintenance. 

3. Reduced Carbon Footprint

With the presence of an outdoor charging station on the campus, your college can play a crucial role in reducing the carbon footprint of the country. 

Colleges tend to use multiple power-consuming appliances, such as air conditioners, lab equipment, etc., and so, switching to sustainable energy to power the campus is a step in the right direction

4. Encourage Further Adoption of Solar Energy 

If there’s a visible solar power charging station in the college, it will undoubtedly inspire the students and faculty members to make the switch to renewables in their own lives. The institution can further serve as a case study for going solar, which will make more people adopt it. 

5. Other Uses of Solar Charging Stations

Solar-powered charging stations can have versatile applications on a college campus. For instance, during a natural disaster, which tends to affect traditional electricity lines, the solar charging stations can be used as a backup to power up phones to call for help. Besides, a solar charger setup can be used to conduct sports events on grounds away from the campus, where it may be hard to bring in power lines. 

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Installing solar chargers in college can be perfect for not just powering the campus in an eco-friendly and cost-effective way, but it can also teach students about sustainability. 

If you have questions like how many solar panels are needed to power a college or how much does a solar-powered charging station cost, feel free to reach out to us. Apart from providing the best solar charging stations for colleges, we also provide you with help and guidance on picking the right setup from our line-up of industry-leading products


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