Why Go Solar To Aid National Recovery And Ensure A Greener Future?

Why Go Solar To Aid National Recovery And Ensure A Greener Future?


India is a country where the sun shines generously almost throughout the year. And as it is a clean, renewable and non-polluting source of energy, government authorities at various levels understand the importance of embracing solar power. In fact, as of 31st March, 2020, the total solar installed capacity in India reached 37.627 GW. Now, besides making the future more eco-friendly and greener, solar energy can pave the way for national recovery too. After all, the COVID pandemic has deeply impacted the economy and employment scenario for many, especially those who work in the unorganized sector.

If you are wondering how both of these will be possible, read on.

  • Positive effect on the environment

    As more homes and offices go solar, dependence on non-renewable fossil fuels will decrease. These usually pollute the environment too, and hence, by avoiding them, you will be contributing to the environment. Moreover, less land will be damaged due to extraction of fossil fuels. Less air pollution also means better health status for all and decreased spending on medical bills. In a post-COVID world, this will ensure greater savings for both individuals and companies. Also, solar power systems don’t cause any noise pollution.


  • Economic benefits

    By choosing solar energy for running household and commercial appliances, you will depend less on grid power. Problems like blackouts, overloads and voltage dips will also decrease. Your utility bills will be low in the long run, and if you end up storing more solar energy than needed, you can sell it back to the grid and earn money. Also, if you hire a reputed solar panel installation company, they will take care of the maintenance too, and the panels will last for years. The value of your property will also increase. In some states or localities, government bodies might offer subsidies as well if you use solar power. When the nation starts recovering from the pandemic, these savings will boost the purchasing power of common people.


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  • Job creation

    Increased usage of solar power systems will benefit the Indian workforce as well. This is because higher demand will translate to more number of solar system manufacturers and dealers. Plus, they will employ technicians for installation and maintenance of the solar power systems. Hence, new jobs will be generated, and that too in a green sector. Also, large-scale solar farms might be set up to meet increased demand.


  • Relief from power outages

    Solar energy that is captured all through the day can come in handy in the evening, when the panels don’t receive any sunlight. Moreover, by using a solar inverter, you can ensure a steady and clean supply of electricity when there is a power outage. Solar inverters from reputed companies work efficiently, are durable, don’t emit noise or gases, and are aesthetic too.


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  • Ease of installation

    Additionally, they come in various sizes and types to cater to both small-scale and large-scale projects. If you hire a trusted solar panel installation company, they will first assess your power needs and the space available, and then suggest suitable options as per your budget. The installation will be done in a way so that there is scope for expansion in the future.


  • Advantage for remote locations

    As solar power is becoming increasingly popular all over India, remote locations that are otherwise deprived of a steady grid supply, will thrive more by going solar. Solar panel installations in villages and small towns can make everyday life easy, and support factories and commercial establishments, leading to better profits in the long run.


All in all, it is easy to see how solar energy can help in national recovery and ensure a greener future for all. So, if you are looking for a superior quality and cost-effective solar power system, get in touch with Genus.

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