Effective Ways of Maintaining Solar Panels | Solar Panel Maintenance

Effective Ways of Maintaining Solar Panels


Installation of solar panels is a long term investment that can reap promising results. Though the installation cost may seem high initially, the returns will more than make up for it by helping you save extra money over the years. Further, solar energy is the answer to an ever-increasing demand for clean and renewable energy. However, proper maintenance of solar panels is a must if you want to see significant results. 

Requirements for Maintaining Solar Panels

Buyers are often skeptical about the maintenance requirements of solar panels. Luckily, the maintenance cost and effort required are not much. The key focus is to ensure that the panels are properly aligned with the incoming solar radiation. The other major solar panels maintenance aspect involves occasional cleaning. Cleaning the panels ensures that dirt or dust do not hinder the incoming solar radiation.

Usually, there are two types of solar installations: Ground panels and Roof panels. 

  • In terms of maintaining solar panels, the only difference between the two types of installations lies in the difficulty of access. 
  • Further, maintenance requirements can also differ slightly based on the weather and geographical location of the installation site. For instance, panels installed in a cold climate must be snow-free. Similarly, ensuring that the panels are dirt or dust-free would make more sense in a warm climate. 

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Despite the ease of solar panel maintenance, certain best practices can enhance the longevity and output of the panels.

Solar Panel Maintenance: Best Practices

  • Keep the Panels Exposed to Solar Radiation

Ensuring that the panels are aligned properly with the solar radiation is the key to maximize energy output. In fact, tilted installation of panels can promise a better performance than flat installations. 

  • Keep an Eye on the Panel’s Performance

When it comes to solar panel maintenance and cleaning aspects, remember that it is sometimes difficult to see the layer of dust on the panels. Or, the panels might be installed on a rooftop or in a remote site which may not be easily accessible. Monitoring the panel’s performance regularly can address the above challenge. A decrease in the energy output can be an indication of an obstruction to the radiation absorption.

  • Occasionally Wash the Panels

As mentioned before, the accumulation of dust particles can negatively impact the performance of the solar panels. However, the above issue is not a huge challenge. In fact, the above challenge can simply be addressed by washing the panels to make them dust or debris-free. In case, the panels are installed at a remote location, professionals can be contacted occasionally for cleaning purposes.

  • Deal with the Snow

If you are wondering how to maintain solar panels in extreme winter or when it snows, here is a tip. In case of a thin layer of snow, cleaning is not required, especially if the next few days are sunny. Snow clearance is only needed in case of a prolonged winter with heavy snowfall. If you have a flat roof, snow clearance can be managed by walking up to the hatch. In case of a pitched roof, snow can be removed from the ground with the aid of an extension rod.

  • Take Extra Care in Case of Extremely Dirty Panels

Regular solar panel care can help avoid a situation where the panels get extremely dirty. Occasional washing or cleaning can help, for instance. However, if the panels end up becoming too dirty and produce less energy, professionals should be approached. Apart from carefully dealing with the complex panels, professionals will also be able to do the job fast and efficiently. 

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Following the above tips will ensure that your solar panels last for a long time and the energy output continues to be efficient. For more guidance or queries, get in touch with solar panel experts. 

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