Top Advantages of Using Solar Panels in Educational Institutions

Top Advantages of Using Solar Panels in Educational Institutions


People usually associate solar panels with homes and commercial buildings, but solar power for educational institutions is increasingly becoming popular across the world. This is because educational institutions want to cut back on utility bills, go green, and become energy independent as much as possible. 

This brings us to the important question— Is solar energy good for educational institutes?

Here, We Explore the Top Advantages of Using Solar Power in your Educational Institution. 

  • Unlimited, Clean, and Free Energy 

Solar for educational institutes is a great idea due to the obvious fact that it will do away with a lot of the costs associated with providing electricity to a school or university. Your educational institution can generate its electricity independent of the grid and get paid for sending excess electricity back to the grid as well. It is also worth mentioning that the energy generated from the solar panels will be 100% clean and renewable. Besides, schools and colleges can use batteries to make the solar system work even on cloudy days and in the evenings, making the system highly reliable. 

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  • Ideal Places for Installation

Most schools have tall buildings with roofs that don’t get any shade from trees or any other contamination, such as dust. In such multi-unit campuses, the large flat roofs and open spaces that are flooded with sunlight for most of the day are great places to install a solar PV system and make the most out of it. Also note that your school or college can save a lot of money as you increase the number of solar panels, which is something you can easily do given a large amount of vacant space. 

  • Incredible Learning Opportunities

Renewable energy is the future of employment. Given this reality, harnessing solar for universities and schools can be a great way to teach students in a hands-on and interactive manner about PV systems and their future possibilities. 

  • Presents the Institution in a Positive Light to the Community

People living in areas with high levels of pollution are prone to asthma and other diseases. When a school or university switches to solar and reduces its carbon footprint and takes this huge step in reducing pollution in the community, it goes a long way in building goodwill with the local community. 

Besides, people in the community will also be inspired to switch from polluting energy sources. Further, those who want to support environment-friendly causes will be more likely to pick your school or college. 

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  • School and University Grants

While solar panels are cheaper than conventional sources of energy in the long term, it is still a huge initial investment. To reduce these costs, various local and central government bodies offer grants and tax cuts to educational institutions. Using these incentives, using solar system for educational institutions can be a much more affordable affair even in the short term. 

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  • Success in Educational Institutions can Drive More Solar Adoption

Governments and people who are likely to invest in solar power, need to see its efficacy in action and assess for themselves if it can be a success. When schools and universities like yours, which are public entities, adopt solar energy effectively, it can serve as a case study for how effective PV systems can be, especially when compared to fossil fuels. 

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Now that you know about the benefits of the solar system for educational institutions, you must be wondering how to go about implementing it cost-effectively, given the size of the buildings and the amount of power required to run them. This is where Genus comes in to help. Reach out to us for a free consultation and let our experts guide you on how to power your institution with solar. 


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