How solar energy can save your money and the environment


Solar panel installation is slowly but surely gaining a foothold across the country and this should not come as a surprise. Not only can you save on energy costs and become increasingly less reliant on electricity from the power grid, but you can also do your bit for the environment as the use of solar energy means giving a lot of relief to our planet. Let us look at some of the ways in which solar energy helps to save the environment and save money for you as well.

1. Using minimum water

Water is the source of life. Unfortunately, fresh water is not something that is available in abundance in our country. While traditional electricity production can use a lot of water for processes like cooling generators, processing and refining fuel and transporting fuel through pipes, solar panels use photovoltaic cells which don’t require any water to generate electricity.

2. Air Pollution

If you are living in India, you already know how bad is the quality of the air we breathe in. Fossil fuels generate harmful carbon dioxide and methane gas that causes major air pollution, which in effect causes asthma, allergies, pneumonia, heart attacks and even cancer. When we use the sun to generate electricity, you automatically take care of this menace.

3. Reduces the Greenhouse Effect

The above-mentioned toxic gases such as carbon dioxide and methane when released into the atmosphere not only cause air pollution but also contribute to the greenhouse effect that increases the temperature on the Earth’s surface. This, in turn, causes climate change. When solar energy is used, there is no fuel being burnt or emissions happening from energy production. This will go a long way in stabilizing our climate.

4. Reduce carbon footprint

Solar is called the cleanest source of energy and it is not without reason. Since solar panels do not use water, don’t release harmful gases and is completely free to use there is no carbon dioxide being emitted from this means that there is no carbon footprint from your household or business.

5. Reduced reliance on fossil fuels

Fossil fuels are finite sources of energy and we will all know that they will run out one day. Sunshine, however, has no such limitations. It is free to use and there are no limits on its usage. Reducing our reliance on finite sources of energy could mean lower energy prices, reduced greenhouse emissions and a future where energy is secure and available for everyone.

Solar Energy for Saving Money

As mentioned earlier, solar power for home is not only easy on the environment, it also helps you save money.

For example, a roof space of just 10×10 feet, on top of a staircase room or even on top of an overhead water tank of most residential houses can have 1.5kW capacity of solar panels installed which can generate up to 6Wh units of electrical energy. This is enough to reduce dependence on grid electricity. Solar panels for a home in a typical household of 3-4 people in a 2-bedroom house, can mean a reduction of electricity costs by 60%. If you are wondering about the price, a solar power plant of 1KW can range from Rs 60,000 to Rs 90,000.

Its safe to say that solar is the only a source of energy where the cost of energy generation will keep going down in the future as the source of fuel (sunlight) is free and abundantly available. Solar panels last for up to 25 years and thus can produce electricity for 25 years without requiring any replacement. This means that the cost of setting up the panels is recovered within the first 4-6 years and after that, it is essentially a free source of energy for the rest of its functional life.

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*”The actual space and generation are subject to the location & shadow-free area available.”