Avoid These 10 Mistakes To Keep Your Utility Bills Low

Avoid These 10 Mistakes To Keep Your Utility Bills Low


Living life without electricity is next to unimaginable these days, even in small towns in India. From running fans and lights to washing machines, refrigerators and computers, you need power for everything you do. However, with misuse of power comes a huge utility bill (read responsibility) too! And when the climate gets a little too hot or too cold, the bill shoots up further, with people turning to air conditioners or water heaters.

So, If You Are Wondering How To Save On Electric Bills, Avoid These 10 Common Mistakes:

1. Ignoring Electricity Leaks

To check if your house or office is suffering from electricity leakages, just switch off the mains and see if the meter is moving or not. If it is changing or moving, your meter might be damaged or some wires might be connected to it incorrectly. In case the meter does not move, turn the mains on after you switch off all appliances. If your meter moves then, faulty wiring might be the reason for electrical leakage. Seek an electrician’s help in either case and reduce energy bills.

2. Using Hot Water For Washing Clothes

Using hot water in a washing machine can use up a lot of energy. Even if you are washing clothes manually and heating up water for it, your utility bill will rise unnecessarily. So, use cold water, which can get the job done just as well.

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3. Using Dryer To Dry Clothes

In India, it is pretty easy to air-dry clothes naturally after you wash them. So, to lower electricity bill, avoid using a dryer. Instead, use a spare room, a balcony or a terrace to dry clothing naturally.

4. Positioning The Fridge Improperly

Among all your appliances, a fridge uses up a huge amount of electricity. So, it should be placed at least 2 inches from the wall for more power efficiency. This can improve the air circulation around it. Also, exposing the fridge to direct sunlight can force it to consume more power.

5. Not Cleaning Air Filters

An inefficient HVAC system can inflate your energy bills when the weather gets extremely hot or cold. And often, it happens due to dirty air filters. Over time, these filters capture dust, lint, pollen and other pollutants, making the HVAC system work harder. So, either get them cleaned or replaced to reduce electric bills.

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6. Overcharging Phones

Putting a phone on charging and forgetting about it can spike your electricity bills easily. Also, overcharging can harm the phone battery. So, be cautious.

7. Not Checking Windows And Doors For Heat Leak

Using a heater during the chilly months can increase utility bills easily, especially if you allow it to leak through gaps or broken seals in windows or doors. So, try replacing seals or using caulk or weather strips to prevent hot air from escaping and cold air from coming in.

8. Using Incandescent Bulbs

Small towns and villages in India mostly see the usage of incandescent bulbs as they are cheaper than CFL or LED bulbs. But, incandescent bulbs use up 80 percent more power than their LED counterparts. This translates to a higher electricity bill. So, if you are wondering how to save money on electric bills in the long term, invest in LED bulbs.

9. Paying For Standby Power

This is a common reason for big utility bills. For example, if you switch off the TV with the remote control but ignore the main switch, which is on the switchboard, it can consume more power.

10. Not Using Energy-Efficient Appliances

Whether you are buying a new dishwasher, fridge, air purifier, TV or AC, make sure it is energy efficient. Such appliances usually come with special labels to signify the same. By paying a little more initially, you can reduce long term energy costs.

So, what are you waiting for? Always try to use solar powered inventions. Get ready to save energy and lower electricity bills by avoiding the mistakes mentioned above. Feel free to consult an experienced electrician too, for better guidance.

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