Solar Powered Inventions That Will Change the World

Solar Powered Inventions That Will Change The World


Technology is evolving at a super fast rate and the world is not what it used to be even 10 years back. In the coming decade, it will be witnessing yet another set of innovations that will revolutionize various industries. Moreover, governments all over the globe are feverishly working towards the execution and adoption of modern technology. Effective use of renewable energy sources has become the goal of every country nowadays, and with the help of advanced science and technology, the world is moving towards new inventions.

As we know, the energy derived from sunlight is known as solar energy, and both developing and developed nations are heavily vested towards power generation from this source. Also, there have been many inventions all over the world till date, which use solar powered devices and can also keep the environment safe. It is believed that in the coming years, the field of solar energy will become more advanced as solar powered devices are not only beneficial for the environment, but also help in saving our money.

The initial cost of solar powered equipment is a bit on the higher side, but these devices have impressive durability and the operational cost is fairly less. In this article, we will discuss about the inventions in the field of solar energy that can bring about multiple changes in the world.

Here List of Solar-Powered Inventions:


1. Solar Powered Water Purifier

To make the most efficient use of solar energy, this innovative equipment is very beneficial. This water purifier, made by Suryagen Renewables, is fitted with the latest technology, which makes it easier to purify sea, river, pond, well and rain water. This economical device is beneficial for areas where only polluted water is available. With the use of solar energy in this device, the polluted water evaporates and steam is collected as pure water. It can get 1.5 liters of pure water from 3 liters of polluted water daily. This has been ranked amongst most efficient and innovative solar powered inventions.


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2. Solar Powered Tree

This solar powered tree, manufactured by the Central Mechanical Research Institute, can meet the electrical needs of 5 houses and requires very little space. Photovoltaic panels have been placed on steel branches to convert sun rays into electricity. These solar energy trees generate 10 to 15 percent more electricity than the solar plants affixed to the ground. With the help of this tree, the battery backup system can also be charged, which can provide up to 2 hours of electricity at night. In this tree, there are tiny water pipes, installed for automated cleaning, so that dust can be cleaned off the branches. Villages and small towns have a high demand as well as need for such innovations as power cut is a persistent issue.


3. Solar Air Conditioner

This product is a cutting-edge innovation in the field of solar energy because ACs are installed in most houses and offices these days. Also, due to high power consumption, many people often face high electricity bills. The cost of electricity is not the only concern though. Ordinary air conditioners produce CFCs that are harmful for the environment. However, with a solar AC, you will not only protect the environment, but also get to reduce electricity bills. If you use solar air conditioner instead of a regular AC, your electricity bill can be reduced by up to 20-30 percent.


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4. SOL laptop

Counted among the best solar powered inventions for good reason, these laptops require a charging time of only two hours and can function smoothly for 8-10 hours. People who often travel for work or students who use laptops can easily benefit from this invention. These laptops are fitted with solar panels at the back.


5. Solar Outlet

This device runs on solar energy and is also called window socket. You can install it at the window of your home or office. With these devices running on solar power, you can charge various electric devices easily.


Apart from the innovations mentioned above, there are many other inventions that can change the way the world works. Due to rapid technological development, vehicles running on solar energy have also been invented, which will eliminate dependence on petrol and diesel and will also help in environmental protection. Along with this, solar paints, solar pots, solar roads, solar stadiums, solar cameras, etc. are the various inventions that are becoming popular worldwide and their use can bring down pollution levels. Considering the serious problem of climate change, it is necessary that the maximum number of solar powered devices be used.




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