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Top Reasons Why You Should Choose A Sine Wave Inverter Over A Normal Inverter


It is common knowledge that electricity supply in India, especially in remote areas, can be unreliable. However, you cannot allow power cuts to disrupt your daily life and your work, can you? So, naturally, an inverter comes to your rescue when grid power fails. Depending on its capacity and type, an inverter can run everything from fans, lights and household appliances to lifts, elevators and sensitive equipment like computers and scanners. Now, before you pick up an inverter, know about the two main types that are available in the market.

Sine Wave and Square Wave Inverters

A square wave inverter, also known as normal inverter, transforms DC power stored in the batteries into AC current. A sine wave power inverter does the same, but the output is way smoother, which consequently makes this inverter type slightly more expensive. So, if you are wondering why you should choose a sine wave inverter and not a normal one, read on.

Reasons for Choosing a Sine Wave Inverter


1. Output Wave – In case of sine wave inverters, the output wave form mimics the grid power and has minimal harmonic distortion. So, you get clean and stable power supply during outages. As a result, appliances like microwaves, ACs, computers and TVs can be run on sine wave inverters safely. This is not the case with square wave inverters, where the output shows more distortion.

2. Efficiency and Power Loss – Premium sine wave inverters come with 90 to 95% efficiency, while those of medium quality promise 75 to 85% efficiency. Square inverters are significantly less efficient than medium quality sine wave inverters. Hence, conversion losses are lower in case of sine wave inverters, which will keep your utility bills low too.

3. Inductive Loads – This load is basically a component of an electrical circuit that employs magnetic energy to run appliances. So, any appliance that has an electrical coil, like a motor, will have inductive load. And a square wave inverter is less efficient than a sine wave one, when it comes to powering such appliances. When run on a square wave inverter, such an appliance will use up extra power, may get overheated, and its lifespan might reduce too.

4. Noises and Glitches – Normal or square wave inverters can produce too much electrical noise while running TV, fans, lights, fax machines, and cause glitches in computer monitors and printouts as well. This risk can be lowered by going for sine wave inverters. In other words, using a sine wave inverter will ensure the smooth performance of sensitive equipment.

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5. Quick Charging Feature – A sine wave inverter charges faster than square wave counterparts and this is crucial especially if your area experiences frequent and long power cuts. Also, in commercial establishments, quick charging is necessary for the smooth functioning of elevators and lifts. Hospitals, hotels, and laboratories will need this advantage as well.

6. Cost – While it may initially seem that a square wave inverter is less expensive than a sine wave inverter, always take the long term view before making a decision. Sine wave inverters provide more extended power backup, last longer and need fewer repairs and replacements. Moreover, since a sine wave inverter runs sensitive appliances safely, you won’t have to waste money on repairing them or replacing them as well.


So, by now, you must have realized why investing in a sine wave power inverter makes more sense than a normal inverter. Also, sine wave inverters from leading brands like Genus run on advanced technology, guaranteeing more efficiency and output. They don’t pollute the environment, supply stable, clean power, and can run a wide variety of appliances. You will get to choose from multiple models based on the power backup you need as well as your budget.

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