Top Things to Consider Before Getting Solar Panels Installed

Top Things to Consider Before Getting Solar Panels Installed


Solar technology is transforming industries across verticals. However, it’s the household acceptance of solar products that has triggered a sea of opportunities for solar manufacturers. Apart from being a clean source of energy, solar installation is also attractive from an investment perspective. Thus, consumers can benefit in two ways by installing solar panels. However, there are certain factors that must be kept in mind before opting for a solar installation.

Read on to Know More Before Getting Solar Panels Installation:

  • Opting for the Right Technology

The solar industry is a dynamic space that is evolving rapidly. Thus, it is essential to research before you make any decision. Besides, individual requirements can also be a basis for opting for a particular technology. Basically, there are various types of solar technologies available today. For instance, solar thermal panels are meant just for heating purposes. Alternatively, solar PV technology can be used to generate electricity. Even PV systems can be subdivided into two categories: Monocrystalline and Polycrystalline.

Apart from rooftop solar panels, choosing the right inverter makes a difference too. A solar inverter dictates the limiting range for any solar array. Inverters can also be subdivided into centralized and microinverter. While centralized inverters are more cost-effective than micro inverters, they are also less effective.

  • Estimation of the Energy Usage

The correct estimation of energy utilization will allow you to make informed decisions. For instance, identifying the average energy requirements will help you determine what solar solution will be best for you. Based on the energy requirements, homeowners can opt for on-grid or off-grid solar solutions. If your energy requirements are moderate, you can choose to go with on-grid and include solar solutions for meeting your overheads. Alternatively, going for off-grid would require you to opt for powerful solar equipment. Basically, an off-grid solar solution means that you aren’t dependent on grid electricity anymore.

  • Location of your House

Installing solar panels in India ensures maximum efficiency when they are placed in an area that receives adequate solar rays. Locations that get average annual sunlight makes it easier for those who wish to go off-grid. Furthermore, the surface of the installation needs to be appropriately inclined to offer a good angle of interaction between the system surface and solar radiation. It’s mainly due to the above reason that rooftop solar panels are easier to install and cheaper.

  • Installation Costs

It is essential to consider the installation costs before deciding to integrate solar solutions into a home. The good news is that the costs of solar installation have gone down significantly in recent times. This is due to the massive advancements in the solar industry as well as the worldwide acceptance of solar products. Moreover, you can get up to a 30 percent subsidy if you decide to shift to solar technology. If you install solar panels, it can significantly reduce your electricity bills via net metering too. Net metering allows commercial users who generate energy via solar resources to export surplus energy back to the grid. This way, the consumer is charged only for the “net” energy that has been used.

  • Contracting Company

Opting for a reputed solar company is an important factor. This is because they will usually offer long warranty periods. Moreover, they are also more likely to be efficient at installing solar panels. A bit of research can allow consumers to opt for the right solar company and leverage the perks offered by them. Some of the established firms even offer free service and maintenance up to a certain period.

The above factors will help you to make better decisions when opting for a solar solution. The main consideration will be to estimate your needs and conduct thorough research before making any decision.


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