Solar Energy Benefits that are Not Commonly Known

Solar Energy Benefits That are Not Commonly Known


The need for solar energy is increasing around the world and it is not just for environmental reasons. Using solar energy is beneficial for the economy as well. The aims and objectives of solar energy are to capture the biggest, free source of energy available to everyone on the planet – the sun, to generate electricity and power up homes and offices. While you might be familiar with a few uses of solar energy, here are some that you might not be aware of.

Advantages of Solar Cells You May Not Know About

No Energy-Production Costs

Apart from the cost incurred in the manufacturing and installation of solar panels, there is no extra cost associated with energy production or maintenance of the system. A complete solar energy system consisting of solar panels, inverters, and batteries is capable of generating electricity without any outside supply of power. It just requires constant sunlight to fall on the cells. So, the cost of installing a solar energy system is only the initial investment that can be recovered quickly.

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Flexible Use

Contrary to popular belief, solar panels can’t only be installed on rooftops or flat surfaces. Solar panels are quite flexible when it comes to installation and can be installed in horizontal as well as vertical spaces if they receive substantial sunlight. Also, innovative solar panels are being developed that can float on water bodies and generate electricity. This will make them a suitable choice for distributing electricity in the most remote places as well.

Monetary Savings

Sunlight is free for all, and thus, energy production through solar panels will cost the same irrespective of market fluctuations, increase in power supply costs, change in government, or anything else. This can result in continuous energy saving for a home or business, which means constant economic saving as well.

Less Energy Is Lost During Long-Distance Transport

Energy generated at the production site needs to be transported to the supply site so that people can use electricity without any difficulty. However, this transportation happens by increasing the voltage and reducing the current so that there is minimal electricity loss for distributing electricity to far-away and densely populated areas. With panels installed in individual homes and rooftops, the overall distance can be reduced. This in turn can drastically lower the energy loss during transportation and increase the efficiency of the electrical system as well.

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Environmental Impact

Everyone knows that solar energy production is environmentally friendly as it uses a renewable source of energy and doesn’t produce any greenhouse gases or air pollution. However, this is not all. Solar panels produce no noise pollution as well. They absorb sunlight on the rooftop, keeping your house a little cooler, which in turn saves the money spent on air conditioning. It doesn’t generate any waste, and since solar panels are made to withstand extreme weather conditions, they will last a long time, reducing the need to replace old panels or purchase new panels.

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Diverse Applications

Apart from generating electricity for homes and businesses, solar panels can be used for various other applications as well. For instance, solar panels can be used to generate heat and can be used as a water heater in residential and commercial spaces. They are also being used to distil water in remote areas where clean water is in limited supply. It is the primary source of electricity for satellites in space too.

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So, these are some of the lesser-known advantages of solar cells that not many people know about. But now that you are aware, it should encourage you to invest in solar energy if you haven’t already. Watch out for more new uses of solar energy, since builders, innovators, and engineers are constantly finding new ways to incorporate solar energy into their products

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