Picking the Ideal Double Battery Inverter for Home Use – A Guide

Picking the Ideal Double Battery Inverter for Home Use – A Guide


Power cuts, especially the ones that last for hours, can be quite frustrating because of the discomfort they cause and the productivity they make you lose. Installing an inverter in your home can go a long way in minimizing or eliminating the issues that a power cut causes in your life. 

When it comes to inverters, the ones with double batteries can be quite effective, especially when you require a lot of power. But given their high cost, you need to be able to pick the right one if you want to save money in the long term. As you read further, you will learn what a double battery inverter is, how you can go about selecting one, and what you can do if you find them to be too expensive. 

What are Double Battery Inverters?

Double battery inverters function on a 24V system that has two 12V batteries connected in a series. Meanwhile, a single battery inverter is comprised of a 12V system. Double battery systems find application in homes or offices that need 1KW to 2KW of power and are situated in an area with a lot of power cuts. 

Owing to its high capacity, a double battery inverter can effortlessly run appliances, such as mixers, photocopiers, refrigerators, Desert Coolers, etc. 

Note: Ensure that you check the ratings of the inverter and the devices you need to run before making your purchase.   

But What If You Can’t Afford an Inverter with Double Battery Price? 

Double battery inverter for a home tends to be quite expensive, often making them out of reach for an ordinary man. This is where our world-class line of products, especially the Genus Proton K 1475 – Sine Wave Inverter for Home and Offices comes in. 

With a single 12V battery, the inverter performs at the same capacity as its peers that require two batteries with 24V. 

Benefits of the Genus Proton K 1475 model

DSP Technology 

Owing to the DSP-based intelligent control circuit, the Proton K Pure Sine Wave UPS can be reset faster than other inverters in the market. By controlling the DC power needed for charging your battery, you can substantially cut down on your power consumption. Also, the inverter’s Sine Wave output is stable, free from distortion, clean, and safe for operating the most sensitive appliances you have. 

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Copper Transformer

The copper transformer that the inverter uses is quite beneficial due to the high conductivity it has. Apart from that, copper windings are a more cost-effective option compared to their alternative, aluminum. Besides, it enables savings due to the fact that it ensures lower energy losses and has a longer lifecycle. 

Exceptional User Experience

You can easily keep track of mains status, charging mode status, battery charge status, etc. with the user-friendly graphical LED that the inverter has. With the help of these vital stats, you can keep track of how well your inverter is functioning. 

Modern Design

Due to our superior engineering, we have made sure that the home UPS has two functions rolled into one device. With our inverter, you no longer need a separate backup for your computer. Besides, it is highly energy-efficient and comes with a built-in smart overload regulator. Another impressive feature is that when there is a power cut, the inverter automatically switches to battery mode, offering uninterrupted power supply. 

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Longer Battery Life 

Owing to the fact that it provides a ripple-free DC power supply, your battery will last for a long time. 

Noiseless and Safe

It is further worth noting that the models, unlike generators, work noiselessly and don’t emit any harmful fumes that are detrimental to human beings or the environment. Also, the standard IP ratings make it safe for use at home.  


If you are in search of an inverter with a double battery, look no further than Genus. At a fraction of the usual cost, you can get an inverter that needs only one battery to provide you the benefits of an inverter with two. Consequently, you can say goodbye to productivity-killing power cuts and have a reliable energy supply even when there are long outages.          

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