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Which One is The Best Inverter Battery For Home?


Power cuts can hamper everyday life in more ways than one. Without power supply, you cannot stay cool during summers, or watch exciting matches on the television, or charge your mobile devices, or keep food fresh or wash clothes in the washing machine. Naturally, there is no way to overlook the need for an inverter battery for home. And to run an inverter efficiently, you need the right battery. In this regard, tubular batteries are your best bet for many reasons. And when you source them from leading brands like Genus Innovation, you can rest assured that you will receive stable, clean and adequate power supply even during frequent or long power outages.

Why tubular is best inverter battery for home?

  • Advanced tubular batteries can work efficiently with both grid and solar setups and have high acid volumes, which call for minimal maintenance.
  • They feature special plates and are manufactured using high-pressure die-casting machines that ensure maximum battery life so that it is completely worth your money. This is because owing to long battery life, you won’t need to replace the battery for quite some time to come.
  • Premium tubular batteries like Genus inverter batteries don’t get overheated and they are resistant to corrosion as well. Consequently, they perform well in heavy-duty applications and can withstand long power cuts with ease.
  • Tubular inverter batteries also charge quickly, so that you can access power even when the power outages are frequent. This way, all your routine tasks don’t suffer and you also get to rest with the fan and AC on, when you suddenly lose grid power in the middle of the night. Deep discharge recovery is another advantage.
  • The best tubular batteries for home usage can work without any hiccup at high temperatures as they are composed of selenium low antimonial alloy. They also come with an adequate warranty. So, rest assured that sudden glitches in the battery, if any, can be effectively handled by professionals, without you having to pay anything extra. Also, choose batteries that come with C-20 rating.
  • Another major benefit of using tubular batteries is that their electrolyte level indicators are crystal clear and can be read with ease. It is possible to monitor the status and performance of the inverter battery even if you don’t have the necessary technical knowledge. Hence, in case of any issue, you can quickly detect it and contact the manufacturer for guidance.
  • Best Inverter battery from reputed companies do more than just supply consistent and reliable power. For instance, Genus inverter battery for home is easy to install and they work in a noiseless manner. So, it doesn’t disturb the peace of your home and cause distractions when you are working on something important.
  • Is going eco-friendly your motto? Then don’t worry as superior tubular batteries cause zero pollution and are safe for the environment. They are crafted after intensive research and with the latest technology, which takes care of this aspect.

Above are All About Best Inverter battery .

All in all, if you are considering buying tubular batteries for your inverter, consider Genus batteries. These come in classic and economical variants to suit different budgets and needs. Whether you have a modest home or a big one and run ordinary appliances or sophisticated ones, these tubular batteries will perform flawlessly every single time.

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