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Batteries For Inverter & UPS

Genus brings you superior quality Tubular Batteries, Solar Batteries and VRLA/SMF Batteries that can be widely used in residential and commercial applications, in a safe manner. These can supply power reliably and in a consistent way, no matter how many times you use them. The batteries are scientifically designed, have long lives, and can easily withstand frequent or long power cuts. They promise excellent performance, need low maintenance, are resistant to corrosion and can be recharged quickly too. A robust structure and use of durable materials ensure that the batteries are safe to use.

Tubular Battery

Genus Tubular Batteries go from 100-220 Ah. They are accurately designed to supply power in a reliable and consistent manner. They can store power back up at your home or business.



Genus Solar Batteries are extremely efficient, have long life, and are designed to supply power consistently and dependably. Perfect for heavy duty solar applications, these batteries can endure tough conditions with ease.



Our Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid (VRLA) or Sealed Maintenance-Free (SMF) batteries are heavy duty, cost-effective, reliable, high-performance and can be used in all kinds of UPS or inverters in domestic or commercial establishments.


Genus Promise

Environment Friendly

Genus batteries do not cause any pollution or harmful emissions, and are hence safe for the environment.

Long Life

Genus batteries have long life as they are robust, corrosion-resistant and feature special plates made of selenium low antimonial alloy, which ensure longer life.

Low Maintenance

Owing to a sturdy design, high purity, and specially designed plates for low water topping, Genus batteries need very low maintenance.

Long Back Up

Genus batteries recharge fast, have high purity and acid volumes, and can work through frequent and long power cuts.

Technical Advantages

  • High Pressure Die Casting
    Creates highly accurate and smooth spines without cavities. The spines used in the batteries promise long life of the batteries.
  • Gravity Casting
    Automatic gravity casting offers good dimensional accuracy, a smoother cast surface finish, and improved mechanical properties compared to other casting methods.
  • Heat Sealing
    Automatic heat sealing of container and lid (top cover) with controlled temperature ensures proper fitting and no splliage of acid from batteries.
  • Auto Air-Pressure Testing
    Double checks that the Heat Sealing process was done correctly to ensure maximum safety – all automatic.

  • Auto Internal Resistance Testing
    Automatic test benches to check internal resistance of all cells, 100% guarantee of perfect battery output.

  • Auto Short Circuit Testing
    100% assurance of no short circuit between positive and negative plates of all the cells.


Wind Energy



Shopping Malls



Petrol Pumps

How to choose the best inverter Battery?

Whether you need the best inverter/UPS for your home or for a commercial establishment, a bit of research goes a long way. So, choose inverters that promise stable and regulated power output and are based on the latest technology. The best inverter/UPS will be powerful enough to run a wide array of appliances, from lights and fans to elevators, and even sophisticated equipment. Pick an inverter that causes no pollution, is easy to operate and install, and cost-effective too. Make sure the brand and model are reliable, energy efficient and the battery life is long. It should also have a clear LCD display, so that you can monitor the performance easily.

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