2kw Solar Panel Systems in India- All About Productivity, Cost, and ROI

2kw Solar Panel Systems in India- All About Productivity, Cost, and ROI


Are you in the market for an environment-friendly energy solution for a relatively small house or office? Then the 2kw solar panel system might be perfect for you. It comes with solar panels, a solar inverter, and a solar battery along with various other accessories. It can support a load of about 1600 watts, and in most cases, the 2kw solar system is sufficient to meet all your needs.

What are the Different Types of 2kw Solar Systems?

Off-Grid 2kw Solar System

Off-grid solar systems/standalone solar systems aren’t connected to the grid, which means that the excess electricity from the panels is stored in batteries for later use when the sun isn’t available. Similarly, the 2kw off-grid system has power backup in the form of batteries, which power the connected load when needed.

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On-Grid 2kw Solar System 

The on-grid 2kw solar system works alongside the utility grid. By means of net metering, your excess energy can be sent to the grid so that the government can reduce your utility bill for the next billable period.

*Subject to government policy, using a 2kw solar panel system in India can get you a subsidy of up to 70% from the Ministry of New & Renewable Energy. It is worth mentioning that these systems have a payback period of 3-5 years. 

Hybrid 2kw Solar System

2kw solar systems of this type can be connected to the utility grid or a solar battery. This means you can reduce your power bills through net metering and get backup electricity when there are power cuts.

Is the 2kw Solar System Price Justifiable when Considering Its Productivity, Cost, and ROI? 

On an average, the setup can cost anywhere from INR 1,14,000 – INR 1,80,000, but it is well worth the initial investment, given that it can guarantee savings of around INR 21, 5000 per annum. This may seem insignificant, but the number can add up to substantial returns in the long term.

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Notably, the 2kw solar system can generate 8 units on an average per day, and all you need for the 2kw solar system to function optimally is a 16-20 square meter shadow-free roof.

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When measured per watt, the price of the 2kw solar system ranges from INR 57 – INR 90, depending on the type of solar system used. The prices may also vary based on the government subsidies you are eligible for, the brand, store, and location as well.

Now, let us look at the average generation capacity of a 2kw solar system, given that it delivers 8 units/ day.

For 30 days/ 1 month, you get 240 units.

Similarly, for 12 months, you get 2800 units.

Other Factors to Keep in Mind While Purchasing 2kw Solar Panel Systems in India 

Generally, you get a 5-year warranty if you purchase the complete 2kw solar system from a manufacturer. Meanwhile, if you just want the 2kw solar panel, you will get a warranty of up to 25 years.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the number of panels you need will depend on the rating of the panel. If they are 335 watt panels, you need about 6 of them. If you choose to go with an off-grid system, remember that you need 4 batteries for power backup, each of 150 Ah.


As you can see, 2kw solar systems are a great solution for your home/office. If you are wondering about 2kw solar system price in India, call us or check out our online store. We have a wide range of customizable solutions that will meet your needs perfectly.


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