Powerful Performance

Genus Digital Home UPS

Thunder (600 VA TO 1000 VA)

Nonstop power to your appliances

Designed to be aesthetically pleasing, compact to fit any corner and not to detract the décor of your home or office, this machine from Genus keeps you away from the frequent power cuts. Thunder is an all in one system that eliminates the need of having separate power backup system for computers and other sophisticated applications.

It’s compatible with all battery types from a normal lead-acid battery to a heavy-duty tubular battery. The user selectable boost charging mode charges the battery faster, leading to significant power savings and lower electricity bills.



ARM Controller Based Technology:

Thunder is based on the advanced ARM controller technology which improves the efficiency and provides the clearer power all the time.

Complete protection & Instant Switch Over:

Faster switch over between main and battery makes it an ideal solution for computer applications and Its smart sensing technology ensures that the system automatically switches into battery mode whenever there is a high or a low voltage. No more worries of frequent breakdown.

Compact Design:

It is small enough to fit into the space demands of today’s modern households. A neat, compact design that hides a powerful heart.


Thunder can easily handle high in-flow of current, upto 300% of its actual capacity. And your appliances are fully protected.

Faster Charging:

Equipped with charging technology which enables the batteries to get charged faster than other systems. So, even if the mains power fails repeatedly, the battery will be available to action every time.

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