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The Genus Home Inverter UPS uses cutting-edge DSP technology and a modern design, to ensure that you do not need any separate power backup system. This Inverter UPS supplies clean, stable, and regulated power to safely run all kinds of appliances, including sensitive ones. It has a long battery life, high energy-efficiency, and features a smart overload regulation. During power cuts, the inverter switches to battery mode instantly, offering uninterrupted power supply. Also, you can use the Wide UPS mode to run fans, fridges and lights, while the UPS mode is ideal for computers and TVs. The inverter boasts of a user-friendly LED display too.

Proton Q

Classic Range – 700VA-2500VA

Proton Q is our most classic product and our biggest range; currently serving thousands of customers across India credibly.

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Proton K

Premium Range – 750VA-1150VA

Proton K is our premium range inverter with Copper transformers, this is one for the long haul and smartly powers general and sensitive appliances.

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Economy Range – 600VA-1000VA

Our youngest product range outputs a ‘modified’ sine wave that retains the best qualities of a pure sine wave at the most affordable price.

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Why buy Genus home inverter and UPS?


Genus Inverters & UPS are reliable, efficient and cost-effective


They provide stable, uninterrupted and adequate power during power failures

ASIC Technology

These inverters use cutting-edge ASIC technology to ensure long battery life

Wide Voltage Support

Genus Inverters & UPS can run over a wide range of voltage- 90V-240V

Simple & Safe

These inverters are compact, easy to install and safe to use

Good user experience

Genus inverters feature clear and easy to understand graphical LED display for monitoring battery charge, etc.

Powering your home backed by years of top class R&D

Genus home inverters are designed with cutting-edge ASIC or Auto Sense Intelligent Control technology, which ensures its high quality, performance, and safety when it comes to running all kinds of household appliances. This inverter is based on advanced DSP technology and is significantly superior to generators, working noiselessly, without causing pollution. They offer stable, adequate and uninterrupted power and have long battery lives. Our years of research has helped us build inverters that are affordable, compact, easy to use and switches to battery mode instantly, during power failures. These modern inverters can run everything from fans and lights to ACs, refrigerators, microwaves, computers and more.

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