Challenger - Modern Pure Sine Wave Inverter and UPS for Home, Office

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Introducing All new Challenger Series- A Modern Pure Sine Wave Inverter / UPS range, endowed with first in segment features.

The pure Sine Wave output is Clean, Regulated, Completely Stable, Distortion Free and Absolutely Safe for running the most sophisticated and sensitive modern appliances.

Based on Advanced / Next Gen DSP technology, Challenger ensures the highest Safety & Efficiency in the class.

But What’s So Special?

A brand new “Battery Revival Mode“, never before in the industry has a feature so powerful been introduced in an Inverter / UPS in its class. Gives user the power to bring back deep discharged batteries to life at their home and increase the life on their batteries for not a few months but YEARS.

Are you ready to take the Challenge?

Product Load Charts

Challenger 725

Our newly launched product range with modern features and aesthetics, this range boasts dual LED/LCD display with many first in segment features.

Challenger 1100

Our newly launched product range with modern features and aesthetics, this range boasts dual LED/LCD display with many first in segment features.

Features and Advantages

Pure Sine Wave Technology

Distortion free power all the time makes it safer to use with any applications.

Dual LCD & LED Display Variant

Multi Information Dual Display makes sure that you get a Great Us

Revolutionary Battery Revival Mode

Reboost your battery life. You must follow the instructions stated in manual while using this feature.

4 Battery Charging Modes

Battery Compatibility Integration makes it kind to any battery type be it Tubular, Lead-Acid or VRLA/SMF.

Smart Overload and Short Circuit Protection

In case of overload, the system tries to run the existing load, giving the user repeated alarms and enough time to reduce the load without having to shut down the system.

Advanced DSP Technology

The advanced DSP technology with futuristic design enabling it to provide purest form of power ensuring total safety of your appliances and efficiency at the same time.

Genus ASIC Technology Promise

Challenger is built with Next Gen ASIC technology designed to optimize battery performance and enhance the battery life.

Simple & Safe Install

These UPS are Compact, Easy to Install and Safe to use.

Durable in All Conditions (Low/High Voltage)

Challenger can endure Rough Weather, work perfect in low or high voltage conditions, to run all appliances, from small shops to large homes.

Environment Friendly – Zero Pollution

Challenger causes No Noise, No Harmful Emissions or Pollution.

Best In Class Switchover

In the event of a power failure, the switchover process to battery mode takes a fraction of second and ensures connected appliances like computers keep getting uninterrupted power without the systems rebooting due to a power failure.

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