Save Money on Energy Use in Your House – Here’s How

Save Money on Energy Use in Your House – Here’s How


If you’re not saving money while using energy in your house, you’re simply leaving money on the table. There are quite a few reasons why you should use energy efficiently in your house. One very basic reason is that you need to save money. Here is a simple checklist to follow which will save a lot of money and conserve energy at the same time.

Do you have reflective coating or window films?

Do you know that by having tints on your window or even through window films, you can block the sun’s glare and make your home feel cooler? This lowers the cooling cost by at least 50%. Don’t you think this simple trick should be your number 1 idea for saving energy given that India is undoubtedly one of the hottest countries on earth?

What are the paint in your house and the roof?

Ensure that you use light colors on the roof and also on the outside walls of your home. Lighter shades tend to reflect more light making your house feel cooler. You can paint the roof with lighter shades like white, off white or anything that will reflect the light. Nowadays, the market is filled with different roof coatings and seals as well. These will protect the roof for a longer duration and will keep the heat away.

Have you sealed the windows and doors of your house?

Here’s a fact. Most of the homes tend to invite higher electricity consumption through air leaks. During summers make sure that you have sealed the windows and doors properly. Around 30% of the energy consumption could be saved by following this simple step. Also, in winters while switching on your room heater, ensure all the doors and windows are sealed as well.

Do you have energy-efficient appliances?

When you buy appliances for your home, be it an air cooler, room heater, refrigerator or anything else; just ensure that you look at the energy star rating. The appliances with 4 to 5 stars are always the ones which will let you save 20% of your electricity bill.

Time to insulate your walls

We have saved the best one for the last. Make sure that you insulate the walls of your home. Without insulation, both hot and cool air can escape easily. As per energy experts, people lose about 35% of the heating or cooling effect of their home through the walls. The more cooling you lose, the more energy you will be consuming. The same thing applies to heat as well. So, always insulate your walls!


In the end, the only advice that we want to give you is that you should start saving more energy and reduce your electricity bills. Another practical thing that you may consider to become energy efficient is the installation of solar panels for home. Check with your local solar company to see if the installation is possible. Our tips are extremely pocket-friendly and simple to follow. These will help you crack the problem of saving money while taking care of all the energy needs of your home. Just go through our checklist and plan properly.


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