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Genus Solar PV modules are highly efficient, high power modules, manufactured in India, with output ranging from 40 W to 320 W.
Genus Solar PV modules are manufactured with leading-edge technology and are powered by the process excellence and quality control that comes from being one of the India’s largest and most experienced producers of hi-tech electricity meters and Sure Sine Wave Inverters. With a strong focus on Research & Development we are able to provide our customers with the best in class performance, quality, and reliability.
With a consistently rising Solar PV installation base, Genus Solar modules are the foundation for our high-performance PV energy solutions.

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Independent Solar Powered Homes/Offices

Rooftop solutions

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Solar E- Vehicles

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How to choose the best inverter UPS?

Whether you need the best inverter/UPS for your home or for a commercial establishment, a bit of research goes a long way. So, choose inverters that promise stable and regulated power output and are based on the latest technology. The best inverter/UPS will be powerful enough to run a wide array of appliances, from lights and fans to elevators, and even sophisticated equipment. Pick an inverter that causes no pollution, is easy to operate and install, and cost-effective too. Make sure the brand and model are reliable, energy efficient and the battery life is long. It should also have a clear LCD display, so that you can monitor the performance easily.

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Rooftop solutions

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Solar Farm

E-Charging Stations

Solar E- Vehicles

Parking Station

Solar Home Lighting Systems