Reasons To Choose Genus Innovation as Your Go-to Inverter & Battery Company

Reasons To Choose Genus Innovation as Your Go-to Inverter & Battery Company


In semi-urban and rural areas, power cuts are still a genuine and inconvenient problem that locks you out of carrying out any essential, power-dependent functions. However, thanks to the growing number of inverter & battery companies in India, there are many inverter options now available that are capable of making up for the power grid when it’s down.

Genus, one of the foremost in this domain, has many innovative products that can help you battle frequent power outages and enjoy an interruption-free power supply.

Find out more about our range of Genus Inverter Battery and the many benefits they offer in this comprehensively curated blog. Read on.

Genus Innovation

Benefits of Choosing Genus Innovation as Your Go-to Inverter & Battery Company

Here are some of the salient advantages of using Genus’ inverters and batteries:

  • During power cuts, our solar inverters supply energy seamlessly, and in such a way that your devices and appliances do not need to be turned off
  • Between an outage and your inverter kicking in, the sudden drop and rise in the power levels can damage sensitive electronic components. Our inverters help you secure your devices against such mishaps.
  • Other than covering your energy needs during power cuts, our inverters also act as filters, continuously monitoring incoming energy levels for spikes and surges.
  • Lastly, some of our advanced inverters, such as solar inverters also help you harness power from the sun’s rays, reducing your dependency on fossil fuel-run power grids, enabling you to go down the sustainable route and save on your energy bills.

You can enjoy these benefits and many more by choosing from a wide range of battery backup solutions by Genus Innovation – widely considered the best inverter & battery company in India.

Premium Range of Solar Products in India at Genus Innovation


This inverter sports a first-in-segment “battery revival” feature, which helps bring super-discharged batteries that have been carrying dust for a long time back to life. Other than recovery, this inverter also improves the overall battery life of an old battery, allowing you to extract more power and value from it.

As for the specifications, it employs pure sine wave technology that provides next-level reliability and performance for electrical devices.

Surja Pro Inverters

This state-of-the-art solar inverter battery for home features revolutionary new technology known as solar maximizer, the aim of which is to facilitate complete independence from grid power. Being a pure sine wave inverter, this device produces clean, regulated, and distortion-free output. Based on the next-gen DSP technology, you get assured efficiency and safety.

Surja Inverters

Though a step down from the pro version, it is just as ergonomic and reliable. Also based on sine wave technology, this inverter uses solar current to improve battery charging speeds and increase battery life. Also, since it’s a solar inverter, it helps you adopt sustainable energy practices, allowing you to do your bit towards saving the environment.

Check out this inverter and many other solar products in India by visiting Genus’ website today!

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In Summary

Quality is the hallmark of Genus’ solutions and services. And we achieve that through our leading-edge manufacturing processes, as well as by inculcating a culture of continually improving the processes, products, and systems.

Plus all our inverters go through rigorous testing at every stage of manufacturing, starting from incoming raw materials to intermediate stages and finally finished and packaged product.

In short, when it comes to reliability, safety, durability, quality, and value for money, Genus Innovation is the inverter & battery company to partner with. Visit our website to view our comprehensive catalog of inverters and batteries. Or, connect with us today to learn more about our inverters.