4 Most Common Inverter Problems and Their Solutions

4 Most Common Inverter Problems and Their Solutions


Today, with power outages being a widespread concern, inverters have become a mainstay for residential premises. However, their ubiquity doesn’t mean that there aren’t any inverter problems. In fact, most homeowners face various issues multiple times during the lifespan of an inverter.

Knowing these issues is important, as it can help you detect whether or not something is wrong with your device, whether it’s an issue with the inverter battery or casing, and what action you can take to eliminate the problem.

So, here’s a list of common inverter-related problems to watch out for.

4 everyday inverter problems

1. Blaring Alarms and Beeps

You might have already experienced the situation where your inverter alarm starts beating, which can be a bit irritating and frustrating. This happens when your inverter is servicing an unbearable load.

Fortunately, there’s an easy solution to this problem. Simply disconnect all the devices that you suspect may be overloading your device.

The beeping can be caused by a misfunctioning of the cooling fan as well. While an inverter works, it’s the responsibility of this fan to keep the temperature in check, lest the inverter overheat. If things start heating up, the alarm will go off, or the device will shut down.

The alarm indicates that an inverter unit isn’t working properly. Cleaning the fan will solve the problem in most cases.

All in all, this is one of the non-alarming inverter problems.

2. Noise from Inverter

If you hear noise from your inverter (not alarm), which is higher than the usual levels, it might your fan again. As the fan operates constantly whenever the inverter is on, if your device is being used a lot, the fan will swiftly catch dust. And when a lot of dust accumulates, it starts making noise, the intensity of which gradually increases the more you leave it as is.

So, it’s best to dust the fan every few weeks to keep the noise in check. And also if you don’t want to spend money in repair and replacement, as the longer you leave your fan untended, the more the chances of damage.

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3. Reduced Back up Time

If you feel your inverter backup has reduced, it might be because of increased power consumption from devices, or if your battery is undercharged. So, disconnect low-priority devices or ensure that your battery is always topped-up.

However, the battery might also have lost the electrolyte. If such is the case, top up your battery with distilled water, and ensure that its level is between the minimum and the maximum mark.

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4. Doesn’t Switch On

Yes, this is one of the most common inverter problems, and it can occur due to a number of reasons – from the inverter being tripped to weak battery and loose terminals.

And if your inverter doesn’t start, say, during a power outage, you will be locked out of performing any essential household tasks dependent on power.

Therefore, you must get to the bottom of the issue as early as possible. If your inverter has tripped, you could just hit the reset button and everything will be fine.

If the problem persists, there might be an issue with the battery. The best thing to do in this scenario is to get it replaced. If there’s no tripping issue and the battery is also functioning properly, call in a repair person to get the problem sorted.

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Summing Up

The above list is in no way exhaustive. There may be a few more other inverter problems that can negatively effect your power backup capability. However, by knowing these problems, and their solutions, you can effectively fix your device so that you can still use your devices during a power outage.

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