IoT and Solar Energy—All You Need to Know

IoT and Solar Energy—All You Need to Know


IoT or the Internet of Things enables smart home and office appliances such as temperature control systems and security systems to communicate with each other through the internet. This technology is expected to make modern solar systems incredibly efficient and cost-effective in managing electricity costs. In addition, it could help in automating various time-consuming processes, making the transition to renewable energy smooth and seamless.

Implementing IoT-powered Solar Energy Systems

It is easier to optimize your solar energy system’s productivity, capacity, and output if your home or workspace is part of a massive network of interconnected devices. This is how it works: 

  • Intelligent connected gadgets and high-tech sensors gather tons of real-time energy data and send it to the power grid for storage and analysis. 
  • The sensors further gauge the health of the overall solar energy system and offer insights on how to boost safety, productivity, and the optimal use of resources.
  • IoT-based solar power monitoring systems also collect usage data which can prove useful in understanding energy consumption habits and accordingly help in optimizing usage.
  • IoT smart solar systems can detect movement around the IoT solar panels, which can help in preventing theft and vandalism. 
  • IoT in solar energy has two more major advantages—operators can better manage the energy demand, and power companies can leverage the data from IoT-based solar systems to distribute energy more strategically. 

Benefits of IoT in Generating Renewable Energy

Solar-powered IoT can provide us with a reliable and efficient power supply in the coming years. Here are the tangible benefits of implementing IoT:

  • Automation of Processes

Since IoT provides real-time data, it can be leveraged to make better use of variable energy sources such as solar. Both power plants and home/office-based solar power generation systems can reduce operating costs, improve power output, and enhance safety by using IoT-enabled automated controls. Notably, many power plants have successfully used IoT to generate the maximum amount of solar energy by having the solar panels automatically align at a 90-degree angle to the energy source using real-time data of the sunlight falling on the panels.

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  • Cost-effectiveness

With IoT-powered tools, utility companies can closely monitor power consumption in all households and commercial properties using their energy. These insights allow electricity suppliers and utility companies to optimally use their resources and make data-driven business decisions. For instance, power companies can balance the supply based on consumer demand. Consequently, power suppliers can bring down the wastage in electricity and save money.

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  • Seamless Grid Management 

IoT technology is a boon for companies managing the electrical grid, especially when it comes to including more renewable energy systems in the grid. By placing sensors at various places in the distribution lines and substations, utility companies can get an accurate idea of power consumption. Using this information, the utility company can make optimal decisions regarding load switching, network configuration, and voltage control. 

Power consumption data is also quite useful in letting utility companies know whether to make upgrades or build new infrastructure to distribute power. 

  • Enhanced Safety 

IoT further helps grid companies in ensuring the safety of the grid and constant energy supply to consumers. For instance, the sensors on the grid can alert grid companies of power outages in real-time. If there is a damaged line, the power companies can come to know of it in real-time through the sensors and turn off power to ensure that there are no wildfires, electrocutions, or other hazards. 

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If you are looking for smart solutions to enhance your solar energy system using IoT, then look no further. Contact us for advice and assistance of any form in adopting and implementing solar energy systems for the home as well as office use. We, at Genus, can help you in assessing your solar energy needs and in putting together an effective and efficient system to make the best of solar technology.

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