How to Choose the Right Solar Solution for Your House Size

How to Choose the Right Solar Solution for Your House Size


Given the current sustainability standards, the energy industry is looking at a massive paradigm shift in favor of solar energy. In fact, residential solar has already become a trend, with homeowners rushing to find the right solar solution to power their everyday electrical needs.

Not only does this transition pave the way for monetary savings, but also reduces dependency on fossil fuels as the primary energy-generating source. Suffice to say, solar energy can be looked at as the energy of the future.

Sold on the idea? Well, you can switch to solar energy easily nowadays, thanks to the number of solar products for home solutions available in the market.

However, there are a lot of considerations you need to make before you go with the right setup, the most important of which is your house size.

We at Genus have curated a size-by-size guide for you to help you get the right solar solution for your home.

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Right Solar Solution

The Right Solar Solution for 1-2 BHK Houses

To find the right solar solution for your home, you need to consider your requirements first. For instance, if you only wish to power basic household appliances like fans, lights, and TV, you’ll need a relatively low-capacity solar solution. Anything more power-demanding, like an AC, will bump up the capacity requirement drastically.

So, let’s assume an umbrella scenario for all cases:

Equipment Power rating in watts Number Load Duty cycle in hours Daily energy consumption in watt-hours
LED 10 3 30 2 60
TV 100 1 100 2 200
TUBELIGHTS 40 4 160 2 320
FAN 60 4 240 2 480
TOTAL LOAD 540 1080

This is the sum total load required to power a 1-2 BHK home. The next step is to find the VA rating for your solar inverter. To do this, multiply the total load requirement by 1.67. In this case:

540 * 1.67 = 900 VA

For this VA rating, go for an inverter with a VA rating of 900 or above.

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The Right Solar Solution for 3-5 BHK Houses

Continuing the above example, let’s assume that the fan, tube light, and LED requirement all increase by one as the number of bedrooms increases. Also, let’s assume for a 4 BHK apartment, 2 TVs require powering up. That puts a total daily consumption to around 1280 – 1880 watt-hours, and the total load between 640 – 940W.

Applying the above formula, the VA rating falls in the range of 1070 – 1570.

Therefore, the right solar solution would include an inverter with a VA rating of 1600 or above.

The Right Solar Solution for 6-7 BHK Houses

For a 6-7 BHK house, the number of fans and lights would drastically increase, and so would the number of LEDs and TVs. For the sake of simplicity, let’s assume that the load range would land in the ballpark of 1070 – 1180.

Again, by applying the above formula, we get a VA rating between 1780 – 2000.

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The Right Solar Solution for 8-10 BHK Houses

We are now moving into the luxurious, big house territories. For such large spaces, the load requirements are ginormous. To supply the requirement with solar power, it’s best that you get in touch with a solar solution provider, as they can help you with customized products. However, for the sake of argument, let’s surmise that the load requirement for such a large space itself would run above 1500.

So, that puts the minimum VA rating above 2500. These ratings can only be serviced via premium-grade inverters capable of handling substantial loads. Fortunately, we at Genus can hook you up with the right solar solution that can make managing such high loads a walk in the park. Connect with us right away to begin your solar transition.

Your Turn

That was the rundown of how the capacity requirements change as the size of your house increases. Moreover, all these calculations were based on a predetermined appliance profile. If you want to power less (or more), the calculations will change.

So, it’s best to review your energy requirements before going in for a solar solution.

And for the best solar energy solutions to power your home, Genus Innovation is here at your service. Take your pick from the most efficient and reliable solar products and never worry about electricity bills ever.

Choose Genus Innovation. Choose Sustainability.

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