How Solar Products Can Benefit India’s Healthcare Industry?

How Solar Products Can Benefit India’s Healthcare Industry?


In India, where power outages and extended cuts are an everyday story in rural areas, the importance of making power available to hospitals cannot be understated. Because no life should depend upon uptimes and downtimes. In the end, hospitals have to resort to inverters and alternate power sources, which present their own set of problems, in terms of cost and environmental impact. And since hospitals can’t build their own hydroelectric or wind farm, the only option left is solar products in India, which also happens to be the best one.

So, as the rest of the world races towards sustainable energy, here’s how healthcare can benefit from switching to solar energy.

solar solution in healthcare industry

Reduced Costs

First and foremost, solar energy can help hospitals cut energy costs, which can then be reinvested in enhancing existing health programs. Plus, health facilities can get up to 100% return on the initial setup investment in just 2-5 years, thanks to the increased energy savings. No need to invest in diesel-powered generators anymore.

Improved Reliability

For energy-intensive hospitals, solar power can provide tremendous benefits – 24/7 electricity. Because let’s face it; continuous supply of power is integral to providing quality healthcare. And since most of the instruments today run on power, having a constant power supply can be a matter of life and death. Plus, solar power systems also come with an in-built solar battery, which can store power and utilize the power generated during the day at night.


With growing concerns over climate change and global warming, relying completely on non-renewable resources is worsening a serious problem. So, why are you healing patients, you’re causing harm to the environment, which doesn’t make sense.

Switching to clean energy, however, will positively contribute to reducing emissions, and keeping the environment clean.

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Sets a Good Example

Hospitals receive a lot of footfall from people across various walks of life. Therefore, setting up a solar power system in such a place helps serve as a good example for society as a whole. Many of the patients and families might be encouraged to switch to solar energy for their own homes or offices.

Thus, by opting for solar energy, hospitals can lead by example, promote sustainable energy practices, and reduce the carbon footprint at a way greater scale.

Flexible Installation

The best thing about having solar products in India is that there’s no designated type of space or structure you must have in order to install it, unlike wind or hydroelectric plants that require dedicated infrastructure for operation. Be it the roof or the ground, you can install the solar panels wherever you find it convenient. And since hospitals usually have roofs and parking lots, finding free space won’t be a problem.

Make the Switch Today

Given such remarkable advantages, solar power is undoubtedly the system of choice that healthcare organizations must switch to. Not only will this help hospitals save on operational costs, but will also enable them to provide better, uninterrupted care to their patients. Most importantly, adopting solar energy also contributes positively to the environment, helping you do your part in making the earth a safe and healthy place to live.

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