How Can Solar Irrigation Benefit Your Agriculture Industry?

How Can Solar Irrigation Benefit Your Agriculture Industry?


What is solar irrigation?

Solar irrigation has been a boon to the farming industry. Farming, when done on a large scale, is an expensive endeavor that consumes lots of electricity. Hence, if you incorporate solar-powered irrigation into farming, it will reduce some of the overhead costs. Solar-powered irrigation, primarily, is an application of a solar water pumping system that is heavily used in gardens for watering plants, vegetables, paddy fields, etc.

Here in this blog, we’ll discuss some of the reasons why you should opt for solar-powered irrigation for your farming business. Visit Genus Innovation to buy the best solar charge controller for household or commercial needs.

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What are the advantages of solar irrigation?

The concept of the solar-powered irrigation system has gained a lot of momentum in the global space. As a part of the strategies to promote an environment-friendly and reusable source of energy. So if you haven’t incorporated solar power for your irrigation industry needs, now is the time. Below are some reasons why you should go for solar irrigation for your farm:

1. It improves grid security:
Solar energy protects the grid more than regular electricity. Networks that have spread out power plants generally experience reduced blackouts. Hence, solar energy plays a good role in safeguarding the grid when there is any sudden natural disaster. However, to be on the safer side, it’s important to ensure you buy the best solar products for your industry, be it hotels or factories. In line with that, Genus solar inverter can be the perfect choice for your industrial needs.

2. Reduced cost for maintenance:

Solar energy is less expensive than electricity and fossil fuels. The price of fuels is also ever-changing. So mainly for small-scale farmers, solar energy is more affordable than other energy sources. Apart from that, in rural areas where electricity is still inaccessible, solar power is the best and cheapest choice for irrigation that also lasts long. It reduces the farmers’ dependence on expensive energy sources to charge their water distribution system. So countries that don’t have oil reserve systems, can benefit from this solar irrigation system.

3. A perfect alternative to electricity:

An impromptu power blackout is a very inconvenient thing for farmers who use electricity for farming. Generators are quite costly to maintain and run, unlike solar energy. Hence it is the perfect and most effective alternative to electricity. The reason is that it runs on a free unlimited source of energy, i.e. sunlight, and from the operational standpoint, the system is also very straightforward and simple. Buy the premium quality solar charge controller for your industrial needs at Genus Innovation.

4. Solar energy is eco-friendly:

The solar energy irrigation system ensures that the corps in the field are well-watered every day. Unlike other energy sources like coal and biogas, solar energy does not release greenhouse gasses, thereby reducing the serious effects on the ozone layer and the overall environment. As the most eco-friendly energy system, solar irrigation does not also generate heavy noise, unlike power generators. Apart from that, this efficient system does not require a lot of water to keep the system running. This, in turn, saves more water that can be used for crops and farming.

5. Multipurpose application:

Solar energy has multipurpose applications in the irrigation system. The surplus energy it reserves can be used for water filtration plants, running mills, cold storage units, and so on. Also, the farmers can sell the excess power to the power company by linking it to the electricity grid.

6. Self-regulated irrigation system:

The advanced developments in the solar-powered irrigation system make the system a very self-regulated one for the land based on the crop water requirements, environmental settings, and the availability of water. However, to get a reliable and efficient energy source, bring home a Genus solar inverter today.

Make the most of solar irrigation system with Genus Innovation

The solar irrigation system is the advanced addition to the smart agriculture practice that innovation could ever make possible. It lets the farmers and landowners do more with fewer resources and expenses.

And Genus Innovation is one of the most renowned manufacturers and suppliers of high-quality metering solutions in India. So yes, if you are looking to elevate your irrigation system and farming business with the best solar products, get in touch with us.

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