4 Major Renewable Energy Trends That’ll Shape the Future

4 Major Renewable Energy Trends That’ll Shape the Future


Today, almost everyone has accepted that in order to reverse the damages fossil fuel-driven energy has exacted on the environment, we must transition from non-renewable to renewable energy. And the world’s already on its way to achieving it. With growing awareness, new energy projects, and government policies, the day is not far when the entirety of the energy output is generated using sustainable sources.

Needless to say, in the wake of this transformation, people have been increasingly jumping on the sustainable energy bandwagon, which is suggested by the elevated use of panels, batteries, and Genus solar inverter.

Moreover, many impactful trends have also emerged that indicate that we’re on an accelerated path to sustainability. Here are some of them.

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4 Major Renewable Energy Trends that’ll Shape the Future

1. Renewable Energy Projects Will Rebound

Most of the renewable energy projects planned for 2020 had to be moved to 2021 due to the pandemic. This led to a delay in implementation, and subsequently, in operations. However, with COVID numbers dwindling and the world returning back to normalcy, the renewable transformation is back in full force.

Plus, the pandemic, in a sense, brought the need for sustainable energy back into focus. As a result, the emotion surrounding renewable energy transformation was propelled even further, with many world Governments, including India’s, climbing aboard the sustainability bandwagon. The result? Increased production of PV panels, more wind farms, geothermal energy adoption, etc. Needless to say, the sustainable energy projects have rebounded, set to fly even further than the pre-pandemic levels.

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 2. Geothermal Energy Will Gain Popularity

Like solar energy, geothermal energy is another renewable energy source that’s available in abundance. This source basically uses the heat trapped within the earth to generate power.

Essentially, the heat inside the earth is used to boil water, which, in turn, gets converted into high-pressure steam. This geyser of steam is then redirected towards a turbine, which gets rotated by the jet. Lastly, this mechanical energy of the rotating turbine is then converted into electrical energy by the systems involved.

Though we have had access to this technique for a long time, we only now have the equipment and systems that can harness it efficiently. That’s why geothermal energy is one of the most promising future options when it comes to generating sustainable energy.

 3. Grid Integration

Earlier, sustainable energy sources were independent of the central power grids. For instance, solar panels used at homes were limited to just that, homes. Starting now, renewable energy sources will be actively included in the power supply, opening doors for new possibilities like hybrid power supplies – part traditional non-renewable energy, part sustainable energy.

This will allow consumers to switch power sources as they see fit. So, if there’s a power outage, consumers can switch to solar to keep the devices running.

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4. Green Hydrogen

Given the increasing energy demands, it’s implausible that we’ll be able to answer the call based on sustainable energy alone. That’s why, many countries are looking to deploy power through mixed energy profiles that reduce the emission of greenhouse gases, which are responsible for the cause climate crisis we’re in currently.

Moreover, we’re also readily adopting “green hydrogen” a new type of fuel created after separating hydrogen from water using electrolysis. The resulting hydrogen from this process is renewable in nature, as it generates no carbon dioxide.

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In Summary

As these trends gradually develop, we’ll be looking at a completely different world in a few years, run completely on renewable energy.

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