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PV on-grid rooftop solar power system is one of the most popularly used solar solutions for houses and commercial establishments. Grid-tie solar, also knows as on-grid, works in connection with the main grid. It offers the advantage of running load directly through solar and selling excess solar power back to Electricity Company by feeding the grid.
Genus GridStar offers High efficiency, reliability, and are specially designed for India’s harsh weather and power conditions. Also packed with brilliant features they let you make ROI in minimum time, you can recover the cost of the system in only few years.

Features and Advantages

OnGrid Hybrid

Now you can connect your gridite inverter with battery and can enjoy the power even during power cuts. Without battery option is also available

Inbuilt MPPT Technology Guarantees 99.99% Efficiency

Gridstar is equipped with advanced Maximum Power Point Tracking Technology. It boosts the current coming from Solar.

Suitable for Computer Applications

Unlike other Solar Inverters, you can run your normal load or computer applications on Genus Gridstar Solar Grid-tied Inverter

Made in India for tough Indian Conditions

Gridstar inverters are indigenously designed to stay tough during extreme Indian conditions such as heavy rains, storms, and heat. It also comes with galvanic isolation to keep your appliances safe in abnormal power conditions

User Friendly LCD Screen to Monitor Performance

User friendly 3.5 inch LCD screen helps you see the performance of inverter at real time such as DC input voltage, output voltage and current, units of electricity being made etc. It also alarms the user in case of any problem

Minimal Maintenance

The ability to function even in extreme weather conditions and absence of moving parts make it low maintenance

Easy to Install

Compact and safe enclosure design helps you to Install it at your suitable place at minimum efforts

Remote Monitoring

Gridstar can be connected through Web Server, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Android applications to access all information related to the functioning of your solar power system such as Realtime generations, Data logs, past history etc. You can access this information online too, no matter which part of the country you are in

Make Money with Net Metering

Gridstar is capable to feed excess solar power generated back to the grid. Depending on the net-meting policy of your state, you can make money by selling energy to your Electricity Company and Genus being a power sector expert and your partner helps you to get your inverter connected to Grid through net metering

Compatible with Diesel Generators

We promise you the maximum use of Solar Power even in the unavailability of grid power. Gridstar is compatible with Diesel generators which keeps it running even in the condition of power failure. You can keep enjoying the power generated through solar

Perfect for Sensitive Applications

The galvanic isolation & pure power equivalent to power supplied by Grid make it completely safe to run even the most sensitive electronic equipment.

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