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Commercial Static UPS

Power to handle powerful & sensitive appliances Based on the most advanced DSP Technology, STATICA is the much superior alternative to commercial UPS. The output power is the pure sine wave, purer than the power supplied from the grid, thereby ensuring the total safety of home and office appliances. Genus STATICA also possesses various modern features which ensure quiet, hassle-free performance for years, and substantially longer battery life. A much superior alternative to gensets, the Static UPS from Genus allows computers, sensitive equitpments, air conditioners and other high load capacity appliances to function safely during power cuts. The Sure Sine Wave Technology, along with ASIC (Auto Sense Intelligent Control) ensures total safety of appliances.


DSP Based Control Circuit

Genus Statica UPS are based on intelligent DSP control circuit which produces pure power equivalent to power supplied by Grid.

Pure Sine Wave Output

Distortion free power make it safe to use with your sensitive appliances.

User-Friendly LCD Display

The LCD display provides the user all basic information regarding status, remedial actions needed, battery level, load level etc.

No Movable Item

Unlike DG Sets, Genus statica doesnt have any movable parts to maintain, reducing the maintance and increasing service life of the UPS.

Perfect for Sensitive Applications

The pure power equivalent to power supplied by Grid makes it completely safe to run even the most sensitive electronic equipment.

Smart Overload and Short Circuit Protection

Inbuilt smart overload and short circuit protection keep the load safe even in the worst power conditions.

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