How to Choose The Right Inverter Battery for Your House Size?

How to Choose The Right Inverter Battery for Your House Size?


Fed up with frequent power outages and the electrical limbo it puts you in? Well, the right inverter battery can solve this problem permanently, taking away the worry and inconvenience power cuts bring with them.

But with the overwhelming amount of options available in the market, the only effort you’ll have to put in is researching what best suits you. And when doing this, the most important factor to consider is your house size. Yes, the inverter battery requirement for a 1 BHK home is significantly different from say a 6 or 10 BHK house.

To help you choose the right product, here’s how you can correctly buy inverter battery online or offline for your given house size.

Know Your Power Requirement

Calculating how much power you require is the most important step in deciding the right inverter battery combo for your home. To make things simpler, we’ll take a test case with a pre-determined array of devices that need powering up for each house size. Let’s start with an example of a 1-2 BHK house. Let’s say you need powering up 3 Tube lights, 3 Fans, 1 CFL, and 1 television:

  • 1 tube light – 70 watts
  • 1 Fan – 70 Watts
  • 1 Television – 120 watts
  • 1 CFL – 25 watts

Therefore, your total power requirement is – 3*70 +3*70 + 25 + 120 = 565 watts

Now comes a bit of mathematics. To choose the right inverter battery combo, you need to know the VA rating of the device. VA rating is short for voltage ampere rating, which signifies the voltage and current shelled out by an inverter.

Ideally, the power supplied by the inverter and the power required by your appliances should be the same – 100% efficiency. But that’s not practically possible. The efficiency, or power factor of an inverter, is around 60-80% or 0.6-0.8.

To calculate the VA rating, divide the power requirement by the power factor of the inverter/ Let’s say the power factor is 0.7.

So, the VA rating is – 565/0.7 = 807 VA.

There are inverters with a VA rating of 800 available in the market. It would be perfect for your desired operation.

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How To Choose the Right Inverter Battery?

When it comes to power backup, a battery is the backbone of an inverter, as its performance greatly depends on how good your battery is. It directly dictates how much backup an inverter will provide. But how to know the duration of power backup of a battery? Well, by knowing the battery capacity, which is expressed in Ah (ampere-hours).

Also, to choose the right inverter battery, you need to consider how long of a backup you need. If an average power outage in your neighborhood lasts for two hours, get a battery that supplies power for 3, just to be safe.

Taking that figure into account, your resultant battery capacity will be the power requirement multiplied by the backup duration and divided by the battery voltage (12V).


565*3/12 = 141 Ah

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How to Choose The Right Inverter Battery Combo for Larger Homes

The best thing about mathematics is that every formula is scalable, meaning whether you have a 1 BHK house or a 10 BHK, you can apply these two simple formulas to know the correct power backup combo. Also, know that heavy appliances like ACs require a startup wattage that’s lower than their normal running wattage. So, if the normal running wattage is, say, 1000W and the startup wattage is 2000W, you’ll need a combo keeping in mind the startup wattage.

Over to You

Now that you know the philosophy behind choosing the right inverter battery combo, you can select the best one for your home without wracking your brains.

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