How Many Hours Will A Solar Battery Last? | Lifespan of a Solar Battery

How Many Hours Will A Solar Battery Last?


Investing in solar batteries for your solar system can be a good financial decision for many homeowners, but the upfront cost can be discouraging. Before you make the investment, you should understand how long will your solar battery last during power outage.

Adding battery storage to your solar system lets you store the energy produced during the day for use at night or during blackouts. It also enables you to rely less on grids while saving more on your electricity bills.

In this blog, we will discuss how long a solar battery can power your home and what battery type best suits a solar system.

Solar battery last

What are the best batteries for a solar system?

Owing to a significant rise in electricity bills and a drop in prices of solar products in India, many households are shifting to this solar energy system to power their houses. But before buying a solar battery, consider the amount of energy your house needs, the amount of energy your solar system produces, how much you are using at home, and how much you can send back to the grid. Doing these calculations beforehand will help you buy the right battery that fits your particular needs.

The capacity of a battery—the amount of energy it can store—directly influences how long a battery can power a house during a power outage. Three types of solar batteries are available in the market: lithium-ion, lead acid and saltwater batteries.

Generally, lithium-ion batteries are the best option for a solar panel system, though other battery types can be more affordable. Consider checking out Genus Innovation to avail the most competitive solar battery price in India.

Lead acid batteries use time-tested technology that has been around for decades. While lead-acid batteries have a relatively shorter life, they are one of the most affordable ones. If you want to switch to off-grid and have battery storage, then this is the one for you.

Lithium-ion batteries are lighter, more compact and have longer life expectancies as compared to lead acid batteries. However, they are more expensive as compared to lead-acid batteries. Also, take note of the warranty offered by the manufacturer to not be on the hook even if you end up buying a battery that isn’t up to the mark.

How long does a solar battery last?

The first thing that affects the backup time of any solar battery is how big your battery is or how much storage you have actually purchased. And how long will your solar battery last depends on your battery storage capacity, the output of your solar system and the electricity requirements during an outage.

In most cases, solar batteries can power your house overnight when your solar panels are not producing electricity. However, to make a more exact estimate, you need to know a few things like how much energy your house consumes in a day, the capacity and power rating of your solar system and what type is your solar system.

Batteries typically range between 10-kilowatt hours to 13-kilowatt hours of capacity. So, for instance, if your house requires 30kWh of electricity in a day, you can install three solar batteries to run all your appliances the entire day with nothing but battery support. Note that most batteries can not run at maximum capacity and usually peak at 90%.

As a result, a 10kWh battery is likely to hold a useful capacity of 9kWh. However, when you buy genus battery products, you get more usable capacity compared to other brands at affordable prices.

Also, you will be generating power with your solar panel system for about 6-7 hours during peak sunlight hours. Moreover, if you pair your batteries with solar photovoltaic panels, one or two can provide enough power during nights when your panels are not producing electricity.

Additionally, if you are planning to disconnect your system from the electric grid, you should install a few days’ worth of power storage solution for those cloudy and rainy days.

In conclusion, a 10kWh battery, when paired with a solar system, can power your home’s essential appliances for at least 24 hours and even more without running air conditioners or electric heaters.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know how long will a solar battery last, you might be looking for a high-quality battery provider. Choosing the right solar battery is fairly complex and we recommend buying only from a reputable and trustworthy solar company.

Genus Innovation offers a selection of batteries tailored to suit our climate and your unique power needs. With no complex buying process and an impressive price range, going solar has never been this easy. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help you reduce your electricity bills with solar energy solutions.

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