How Efficient Are Solar Panels in Cloudy Weather? Do They Work?

How Efficient Are Solar Panels in Cloudy Weather? Do They Work?


If you are a new solar panel owner, you must be worried how will be the reaction of your solar panel in cloudy weather. Will it be able to generate adequate energy during cloudy days or maybe on rainy days?

While these worries might be true, know that although solar panels require sunlight to function, they won’t stop working on cloudy days. It might generate less amount of energy on cloudy days, but depending on the efficiency, quality, and types of solar panel, it does function. Let’s find out more about it.

Solar panel in cloudy weather

Does a cloudy day affect the productivity of a solar panel?

The exact amount of energy production depends on several factors like the quality of solar panels, the density of clouds, etc. There are some panels that work perfectly in reflected and diffused light. They can perfectly capture a wide range of solar spectra like the blue and red wavelengths, thereby helping them generate more output even on cloudy days.

Unless and until there is a high density of clouds that completely covers the sky and blocks the sun’s rays, there is no interruption in the functioning of a solar panel. You might have noticed that you get sunburnt during cloudy days as well. So it’s obvious that the solar radiations don’t stop penetrating the cloud even on cloudy or partly cloudy days.

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So then what is it that the panel need to generate energy?

The major requirement of solar energy production is daylight, not just sunlight. To generate power, photovoltaic panels utilize direct or indirect sunlight to generate energy. Some small units called solar cells are used to make solar panels. These cells work by absorbing photons and then converting them into electricity.

The power they generate is called photovoltaic energy which is translated into light electricity. Then this energy is transmitted to the solar inverter and gets modified into AC to run most of the electrical appliances. The power that they absorb does not only come from the visible light rays, but also from the wavelengths that can penetrate even the clouds. Hence, you don’t need to worry about the energy production of your solar panels in cloudy weather.

How to cope with the occasional drop-in solar energy production?

There can be a 10-25% drop in the efficiency of solar energy production as compared to regular sunny days. The panels will not make sure that there will be peak efficiency as they do on other sunny days, but clouds will not affect the solar panels as much as you worry. To make up for the losses on a cloudy day, you can get the best storage solar products in India like solar inverters or smart meters, etc. They will ensure that your solar system is always weather-ready.

In conclusion

Don’t just let the matter of cloudy weather make you worried while you invest in solar panels for your home or office because they might cause an occasional drop in productivity and exist for a short period of time. Luckily, there is Genus Innovation, the leading solar panel manufacturer in India, to help you face energy issues with optimum efficient solar panels.

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