Solar Net Meter

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Solar Net Meter

Smart Net Metering Solutions

Net metering is an agreement that allows the solar PV system owner to sell excess solar energy to the utility company or buy deficit energy from the utility company using a meter to track this energy exchange.

Genus being the largest manufacturer of electricity meters, offers the grid-tied rooftop systems with net meters. The loads can run on solar power as long as there is sufficient energy available from the sun during the day. Any deficit is taken care by the main utility supply. However, if the solar energy production is in excess as compared to the load requirement at that moment, the excess energy can be either stored in the batteries (if available) or can be transferred back to the utility grid. This difference of energy is tracked and maintained in Genus Net Meter.


AMR compatible unit for local and remote communication

Internal Battery Back up to Display Meter Data in Power off event

Both kW & kVA measurement for Import & Export mode

History of Energy Consumption for Billing months

Configurability feature for ToU, Demand Integration (15/30/60Min) period etc

Self Diagnostic facility, Anti-Tamper/Event logging

Suitable for both On-Grid & Off-Grid Interconnection points

“Genus-Urja”, Base Computer Station Software, for user friendly Meter data display in Matrix & Graphical format

MIS report generation through BCS

Single Metering unit for Bi-directional Energy Measurement

Separate Energy Registration for Power injection & drawl from/to Grid

Net Energy calculation for Power credits

Designed & Developed, as per CEA regulation 2006

Accurate Energy Measurement, 1.0 accuracy class

Import-Export Electricity Measurement at interconnection points

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