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High Capacity Inverter UPS

Genus’s Heavy-Duty Sine Wave Inverters are powered with reliable and Advance DSP technology, regulated and stabilized for Pure Sine Wave Output. This powerful machine is a complete power generation system that is suitable for all types of commercial establishments and is capable of running everything from Lights to Air Conditioners and Elevators to Heavy Machinery, in a most cost-effective manner. Genus’s High Capacity Inverter supplies pure power equivalent to the power supplied by the grid, and is 100% safe to run the most sophisticated, expensive and sensitive office equipment, without pollution.

Genus high capacity inverters provide clean, consistent and sufficient power in myriad commercial applications, thanks to the advanced DSP technology. They cause no pollution and can power up normal loads to elevators and even big machinery.


(700 VA – 10 KVA)

Our Economy Range Solar PCU is a Off-Grid UPS Inverter. This is our most popular range.

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(1250 W TO 10 KW)

Our Premium Heavy Duty Solar Off-Grid PCU range uses in-built MPPT charge controller for top of the line service.

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(1 KW)

This is our On-Grid range, that lets you feed back to the grid.

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Sola Energy Compatible

The in-built Solar Charge Controllers allow for these unique devices to use Sun as a source of Power

Advanced DSP Technology

Genus Home Inverters & UPS are built with Advanced DSP technology designed to produce power output tht matches the grid


Genus Inverters & UPS are reliable, efficient and cost-effective


They provide stable, uninterrupted and adequate power during power failures

ASIC Technology

These inverters use cutting-edge ASIC technology to ensure long battery life

Wide Voltage Support

Genus Inverters & UPS can run over a wide range of voltage- 90V-240V

Simple & Safe

These inverters are compact, easy to install and safe to use

Good User Experience

Genus inverters feature clear and easy to understand graphical LED display for monitoring battery charge, etc.

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