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Tubular Battery

INVOMAX (100 – 200 AH, C-20 RATING),
INVOSOLSolar Battery (100 – 200 AH, C-10 RATING)

Tall Tubular, Mid Tubular, Flat Tubular

Genus tubular batteries are designed to deliver consistent and reliable power every time. The plates are engineered to provide higher efficiency while maximizing battery life. These batteries perform better in heavy duty applications and are capable to withstand even in long and frequent power cuts.




  • High Acid Volumes
  • Tall Tubular Design
  • Low Maintenance, very low water topping up due to special design of plats with selenium low antimonial alloy
  • Spines are manufactured using state of art High Pressure die Casting machine
  • High Purity, corrosion resistant
  • Designed to have a life cycle over 1200 cycles at 80% DOD ( Depth of Discharge)
  • Electrolyte Level Indicator


  • Specially designed to support long and frequent power cuts
  • High performance and low maintenance
  • Designed for deep discharge
  • Faster Recharge
  • Longer Life
  • Ideal companion for Genus Home UPS and Inverters