Lithium Ion Pack with Solar PCU

Genus Lithium-Ion Battery Pack with Solar PCU

(3kW) Stackable

Solar Energy Storage Solution with Li Battery

Introducing a new solar-energy storage solution with lithium-ion battery to provide you complete freedom as consumer. You can switch on your household appliances whenever you want without having to worry – our Solar Solution with lithium-ion batteries will immediately cover the power required. You can even use multiple appliances at the same time – including large ones, as the solar-energy storage unit’s high-performance lithium battery can supply them all simultaneously without any problems.

This means that no expensive grid power has to be purchased. With our Solar Power Solution you save money and increase your independence from the costly grid. Furthermore, the high charging performance of the lithium-ion battery storage solution ensures that any excess power generated by the solar system can be stored in the storage unit immediately.

Another advantage of the lithium battery is its long service life: You can expect a service life of at least 10 years.

LI-Battery over FLA:

For decades, lead-acid battery technology has been the backbone of battery-based renewable energy systems, providing reliable storage and plenty energy capacity. The most common battery used—flooded lead-acid (FLA)—requires regular water top-up to maintain electrolyte levels and venting to avoid the buildup of hydrogen and sulfuric gases. Additionally, FLAs are large and heavy, making battery replacement a challenging job for some systems.

Solar Power Conditioning Unit

  • Inbuilt MPPT Charge Controller with 99.99%  tracking Efficiency
  • Energy Saver Mode
  • First in Class Automatic Power Factor Correction
  • Remote Monitoring /User Interface
  • Lithium Battery Compatible
  • IEC 61683 & 60068- 2 Approved

Ideal For:

  • Electrification of villages in remote areas
  • Medical facilities in rural areas
  • Microwave / Radio repeater stations
  • Emergency communication systems
  • Water quality and environmental data monitoring systems
  • Pumping systems for irrigation, rural
  • Water supplies and livestock watering
  • Aviation obstruction lighting systems
  • Rail/Road signals
  • Electrification of school in rural areas
  • Power source for summer vacation homes/resorts
  • Shops, micro enterprises, offices etc.

Lithium Battery:

  • High Efficiency >90%
  • Wide Operating Range (-10°C to 55°C)
  • Less Weight (1/7th)
  • Smaller Footprint (1/5th)
  • Much Higher Cycle Life More Than Double
  • No Vested Interest
  • Quick Charging (1.5 Hrs.)
  • Green
  • Maintenance Free
  • Long Replacement Cycle

3 kW Solar PCU with Lithium Ion

Input Parameters (Grid)
Nominal Input Battery Voltage 48V
Normal Mode (Wide Window) 100VAC-280VA ± 15VAC
UPS Mode (Narrow Window) 180VAC-265VAC ± 5VAC
Frequency 50 Hz
Battery Charging
Grid Charging Current 14.0A±1.0A (Maximum 15A) *Grid charging totally stops when >15A solar current available (to give Solar priority)
Solar Charging Current As available (Maximum 60A limit by MCB)
Charge End Voltage
Energy Saver ON Mode Grid charging stops and system transfer to back-up mode when battery bank reaches in float condition if Solar available, When Day Mode ON
Grid charging stops and system transfer to back-up mode when battery bank reaches in float condition, When Day-Night Mode ON
Energy Saver OFF Mode Grid by-pass to load when battery bank reaches in float condition (Normal Operation)
Grid Power Connect
Energy Saver ON Mode Grid Power Connect to the load when per battery voltage <46V
Energy Saver OFF Mode Always (depend on availability)
Output Parameters
Wave form type Sure Sine Wave
Output Voltage Regulation throughout Battery range/load 230V±5%
Output Frequency 50Hz±0.5Hz
Peak Efficiency (with linear load) Up-to 85%
Distortion (THD)  <3% on linear load
Short circuit Protection Provided at >300% with manual reset
Over Temperature Protection Provided at >90 deg. C
Change Over Time (Approx.)
In UPS Mode  <12 miliseconds
In Normal Mode  <50 miliseconds
Battery Parameter (Per Battery)
Boost Voltage 56V
Float Voltage 50.4V
Low Battery Warning 44V
Low Battery Cut 42V
Battery Type Lithium Ion Batteries
Charging Method Constant Current-Constant Voltage
Solar Charge Controller
Type MPPT Based
Maximum I/P PV Voltage 100V
Solar Array 3000W
Maximum Solar Current 60A (limit by MCB)
Rated Capacity 3KW
PV Voltage for night decision <40V
PV Voltage for day decision >40V
Forced cooling Through AC(220V) Fan
Humidity 0-90% non condensing
Operating & Storage Temperature 0-50 deg. C
Display Parameters
Display Type Back light 16×2 Lines LCD Screen with indications and Alarm
LCD Display Solar ON/OFF
Switch ON/OFF
Mains ON/OFF
Mains MCB Trip
Load Levels with bar graph
PV Current & PV Voltage
All warning and protections
O/P and AC mains Voltage and Frequency
Battery Charging/Charged and battery voltage
System Capacity
Energy Saver Mode ON/ OFF
Day / Day-Night Mode Status
UPS / Normal Mode Status
Optional SNMP / RS232