An Organization is built on reputation that comes from more than just business or
market performance. It comes from the core values practiced by the organization. Good corporate governance
underpins the success and integrity of the organization. It is one of the essential pillars for the efficient and sustainable growth.
We’ve adopted comprehensive corporate standards and policies to govern our operations and ensure accountability
for our actions. The board of directors of the Genus Innovation Limited has adopted the adherent guidelines in
furtherance of its continuing efforts to enhance its corporate governance. The board will continue to
review and amend the guidelines/policies as it deems fit & appropriate in the best interest of
Company’s stakeholders and business associates.

Vigil Mechanism

Vigil Mechanism

conditions for Appointment of Independent Directors

Terms & conditions for Appointment
of Independent Directors

Corporate Announcements

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05.09.2016 Notice of Annual General Meeting View Download
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