GENUS INNOVATION LIMITED is an ISO 9001:2008 company and a part of the $400 million Kailash Group, founded by Mr. Ishwar Chand Agarwal and inspired by his vision to bring positive changes to the lives of mankind. Genus understands its moral, social and business responsibilities to protect, preserve & nurture renewable energy sources to initiate a pro-active reduction in our carbon footprint and promises a brighter, greener and a beneficial future for all of us.

With 2 independent business divisions, Genus has gone on to conquer horizons and create an expansive portfolio of services, solutions and products. It has at the forefront of power infrastructure solutions and is amongst the topmost brands active in the energy and infrastructure sectors today.

Research & Development

At Genus, R&D is all about the synergy of constant research and deployment of proven technologies, driven by hand-picked professionals from diverse disciplines and specialties. Genus R&D has been accorded recognition by Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt of India after having gone through a stringent process of evaluation.

Genus has invested heavily in R&D to develop affordable solar power products. Genus offers low and higher KVA Solar Inverters and UPS besides solar panels, Charge controllers, Offline and Grid Tied Power conditioning units. Specialized applications like Solar pumps for remote areas and roof top installations ensure high efficiency for the users at a low cost. Our innovative team makes the maximum use of sunlight offering on-grid and off-grid roof top solar solutions with net metering using cutting-edge and reliable technologies.

With our Roof Top and grid tied solar solutions, we aim to power many homes, offices and industries. Our end objective is to reduce fossil fuel dependency and to provide a cleaner alterative to meet power requirements, without inflating the electricity bills.

The brand Genus

On the marketing front, Genus has been the a very active domain, owing to its diversified and mass utility. Genus as a brand has grown on to become a household name and the credit largely goes to our marketing strategies employed to amplify the communication for our Innovative and Strategically Beneficial Solutions.

Quality, technology and safety

Our Power Back Up and Solar products, built with the energy-saving Sine Wave technology are durable, efficient, and easy to operate. The inverters and batteries have the requisite safety measures incorporated within them. The ASIC technology, developed indigenously by the Genus R&D teams, helps significantly improve performance and life of batteries as well as the products. The vast range of efficient power back up products again gives a discerning customer a wide array of solutions to choose from for home, business and industrial applications.

Protecting the environment

In keeping with our ideals of using eco-friendly method of production of energy, Genus is promoting the use of solar energy. Fossil fuels are a time-limited source of energy, and their use causes diminution of natural resources, severe atmospheric pollution and climate change. In contrast, solar energy is practically inexhaustible and cause minimal environmental impact.

Moreover, even today a large part of India still live in areas where there is no access to electricity. Solar energy can be used for providing affordable electricity to the people living in these areas. Access to electricity will have a positive impact on a wide range of factors influencing rural communities, from improved health to better educational facilities and improved standard of living.

The report by FICCI (The Federation of Indian Chambers Of Commerce and Industry) suggested that 1/3 of all industrial units in the country suffer power cuts for more than 10 hours every week and more than 61% companies suffered a production loss greater than 10% due to power cuts. Industries are extremely dependent on electricity generated by diesel generators, which adds to greenhouse gas buildup in the environment. Compared to diesel generators and industrial tariffs, solar energy, either on rooftops or on available ground nearby can prove to be a cheaper and reliable source of power.

Genus has successfully installed 1 MW of solar roof top projects, not only within the township area but also in other parts of India. The aim is to participate in the Government’s mission to promote ecologically sustainable growth while addressing India’s energy security challenge and also saving exhaustible natural resources and providing clean & green energy.

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