Genus Solar PCU

SURJA (700 VA – 10 KVA)

More than an Inverter

Genus’s Surja Solar Hybrid UPS is an intelligent Solar Inverter cum UPS. This modern machine harnesses solar energy into electricity and maximizes the use of solar energy to power you homes and offices.

This hybrid inverter cum UPS is designed to prioritize the solar energy first and use mains as secondary option. The high efficiency is delivered while charging battery from solar power as against mains. Unlike conventional energy fuel, Solar PV Panel do not emit any gases or leave any residues, thus reducing the global warming and contributing towards a greener environment

This UPS makes your home a small power plant reducing your electricity bill while using the greenest energy to power your home or office at the same time.


  • Surja Solar Hybrid UPS operates on both Solar Power as well as Grid Power.
  • Based on advance DSP technology which makes it intelligent and fast compared to microprocessor based systems.
  • In-built 30 amp Solar Charge Controller that enables the conversion of solar power to electricity.
  • Surja Solar Hybrid UPS always gives preference to solar power while charging the battery.
  • It senses the availability of solar power, grid power and gives charging preference to the solar power charge and only switches to the grid when the solar power is not available.
  • It is designed to give you maximum benefit from the sun and minimize your electricity bill.
  • Multi-information Graphical/LCD display panel
  • Affordable pricing to suit any budget
  • Easy system installation